Ondrosik's music

License (a few sentences only)

All recordings listed here are freely available. You can download, copy and distribute these files as you need. You can also reproduce these recordings on public places or use them as a part of projects (presentation, report...) Please, do not reproduce this recordings as your work (i. e. on your own site, where your name will be in ID3 tags). It is my request, as I don't have a free time and means to control this. If you will edit some of these recordings, you can add your name to ID3 tags (e. g. Ondrej Rosík &Jonathan Smith). Note: my English is not so good, so please, be patient. Some Labels and names of recordings are in slovak language. So let's listen .


If you don't want to download these files, you can load this playlist to your favourite media player. After loading, you can select track by name. Most of these files are 128 Kbps or 192 Kbps 44 khz, stereo. Quality of recording depends on available technical issues and also technical how-know which was available during the recording of particular file.